Thursday, 22 March 2012

Reflections and revelations

This week has been great!

I have so loved reconnecting to my paintings and remembering when and where I was when I painted them.  To me they are stories and songs and snapshots of times I've had.

The other really great thing has been discovering how much I can achieve when I really love what I’m doing.  It’s been truly enlightening to find that at the end of a day of being with my lovely daughter and nurturing my baby bump, I still have energy and enthusiasm for developing my blog and pushing this vision I have of giving my paintings a home where they will be seen and related to.

I’ve been chasing letting agents and writing press releases among all my other normal commitments and I'm so thankful to be able to feel my way through this process, continually bringing myself back to the origins of my idea when I start to feel any resistance.

I was mulling over my relationship with the art world tonight and trying to be really honest with myself.  As much as I believe in the integrity of my paintings, it’s not possible to exist in a bubble.  I need a constant shifting dialogue with what is happening in art on a wider scale, instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.  I can’t hide from that anymore because this project throws everything open!  

As a relative newcomer to social networking,  it’s been eye-opening to find how much insight it’s given me into how other artists are shaping their worlds and negotiating their paths.  I feel like I’m falling in love with art all over again and being reminded of its capacity to show us meaning and beauty.

A week ago, I felt game but daunted by the challenge I’d set myself.  I had no tangible plan as to how I would make it happen, I was simply trusting that the idea felt right and that the way would be revealed.  I’m so glad I did!

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