Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Launch day!

This is day one of my project to organise an exhibition from scratch within a month to show all of my paintings in central Brighton while simultaneously auctioning them on eBay with a starting price of 1p!

I feel like holding on to my paintings may be hindering me from developing artistically and I want to set them (and me) free!  My aim is to put them all out there and for them to find their own value, guided only by what someone who has connected with them feels they are worth.

I’ve always tried to stay true to my painting process, which means like a lot of artists, I’ve naturally avoided the commercial route.  So I have 16 paintings dating from 2006 to 2010 (when I had my daughter) which will each be auctioned as part of this event.

Starting this process today has reminded me how much each of my paintings has meant to me during the times I have spent making them.  It was never about making money or designing something to complement a space.  I had a very passionate goal to 'move' the viewer for a moment in time.

My daily blog will introduce you to my paintings one by one on alternate days and share any insights I have around this process on the days in between.  There are lots of technical challenges, such as sourcing a space, making it good, publicising it, manning it, security, insurance … plenty to be going on with!

The exhibition will also host a gig by a band that were named after one of my paintings: Do you Feel What I Feel Deer?  They’ve written songs inspired by each of my deer paintings and it promises to be a beautiful event.

I’ve already had reactions ranging from overwhelming support to horror that I’m prepared to let my paintings go in this way and so I look forward to your comments too – all are welcome!

Here is a picture of The New Sublime, a series of four 2m high oil paintings, which will be my first four auctions on eBay.  I’ll introduce you to the first one tomorrow so don't forget to save me in your favourites!

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  1. I cannot believe that you are letting them go like this. Chris and me have seriously been discussing if our walls here will fit a 2m painting and how we can get it to Amsterdam... Will you be auctioning the prints as well or are you still selling them? Would love to buy some more of the series! Lots of love


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