Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The night before...

Just over a month ago, I had a strong feeling that I needed to let all my paintings go.  I wanted to act quickly and just go with what I was feeling so four weeks ago today I started this blog with the intention showing them one last time in central Brighton while auctioning them all for 1p.  The exhibition opens tomorrow night!

Its been a really exciting process following my intuition and seeing how it has all unfolded.  I've been overwhelmed by all the support I've had, not only from friends and family but also from the local media and the online community.

My brother has come back from nearly 2 years travelling to see the exhibition and help me set it all up.  Only 2 weeks ago he was camping alone on a frozen lake in Siberia!  Thank you Oliver!

This has essentially been about freeing myself from attachments so that I can grow artistically and have more freedom to look around.  Although I've had times of reflection where I've been really challenged by what I'm doing, I think the reality is yet to hit home.  Its been really eye-opening how much each of my paintings have formed part of my history.  After painting them I was always very excited to move straight onto the next one, but they each took time and involved journeys of their own.

I will have lots of time over this weekend to be in the gallery with my paintings and contemplate what is happening and on Sunday evening the auctions and exhibition will end.

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